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First Class Healthy Solutions

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First Class Health Solutions is a health tourism agency for health care that is established in UK. The company is a global service provider, aimed at providing a range of services and solutions for healthcare providers, insurance companies, self-funded employers, governments, medical tourism facilitators and individuals. The company is founded in 2021 and started business life. The center of the company is in Leicester. It has also partners located in Turkey cities Ankara, Istanbul and Antalya.  

Our medical travel administration program allows self-funded employers and insurance companies to offer medical travel as a supplemental benefit to their employees/members. Under the program, employees/members have the choice to travel domestically or internationally for certain medical or dental procedures. Our customized services can range from concierge services for treatments at designated centers of excellence to the implementation and management of a turnkey, full-service domestic or international medical travel program.

Our mission

The company’s main mission is to bring you and the most experienced Turkish health care professionals together for solving your health issues and ensuring that you will get best treatment in proper conditions.

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